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  • Are you right or left-eye dominant?
  • Where are your hands at impact?
  • What is your ideal launch angle?
  • What swing-weight best suites your stroke?
  • Are your eyes parallel to the target line?
  • Are you a blade or mallet person?
  • Is your miss a push or pull?
  • What is the right amount of toe hang for your stroke path?
  • What is your ideal grip shape and size?
  • What is your ideal ball position?
  • How does your shaft offset effect your aim?
  • What is your ideal lie angle?

If you’ve had a professional putter fitting you could probably answer half of these questions. After an hour with a certified Evnroll fitter you will know the answers to all of these questions and many more.


The organic segment starts with establishing a baseline using our patented RollBoard. The RollBoard has a one-way nap that instantly shows a visible pattern of your launch and roll characteristics. During this first phase we can determine setup, alignment, blade verses mallet, grip preference, length, lie and loft. Once you achieve consistent launch patterns we will transition you to the Quintic Roll Analysis system.


The Quintic Roll Analysis System is the gold standard for putting diagnostics. This high definition camera based system captures a comprehensive array of dynamic impact and launch data used to further dial in the information gleaned from the organic analysis. The Quintic will generate a personalized report of 48 data points ranging from your putter face angle before, at and after impact to club head speed, your putters point of rotational equilibrium, your impact ratio, dynamic loft and lie and so much more.