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ER2 MidBlade

A shorter, wider heel and toe weighted flange blade. Patented.

Conforms to the Rules of Golf

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    Customer Reviews (73)

    Wicked goodReview by Caddie
    First round with my ER2. getting used to softer face but drained 10 ft birdie putt, all day putts rolled true and right on line. This is a great putter. Once I dial in the feel it's gonna be money in the bank. Will pay for itself by end of summer! (Posted on 5/3/2017)
    New GamerReview by Grant
    I have been using a Scotty for years now...I wanted to find something that gave me the same confidence standing over my putts...I received my putter a few weeks ago...I am very pleased with the quality and performance it gave me...dropped 3-5 putts per round off my game...Thanks guys (Posted on 5/2/2017)
    Greatest feeling putter on the marketReview by Rob
    I have had a challenge finding a putter that I truly enjoyed the feel and was confident in the result of putter. My search is over. This is the best feeling putter with amazing results. Being left handed, I was thrilled to find this putter in LH. (Posted on 4/23/2017)
    Great FeelReview by Swing
    Just got this putter. One best feeling Putter's I have ever tried. Very nice looking as well (Posted on 4/17/2017)
    Best of the BestReview by Scratch Golfer
    It's the absolutely best putter I've ever played. Perfectly balanced and as precise as a sniper rifle. Perfect classy look and just everything, including the head cover, are manufactured in a perfect quality. Worth every single buck... (Posted on 4/15/2017)
    Awesome feel.Review by Lefty
    I don't actually own one yet, but when I do get one, I think I might enjoy it. (Posted on 4/11/2017)
    Pure Class!Review by Dave Noll
    The looks,feel, and workmanship on this putter is second to none. Absolutely flawless. And the best part was dealing with Steve and Travis made getting a new Left Hand version of the ER2 quick and easy. Thank you Evnroll!! (Posted on 2/26/2017)
    Delivers on the hype. Review by Paradigm29
    Played my first two rounds after getting the ER2 as a gift. Sets up well, easy to aim and great feel. The promise of more consistent speed control was very true for me. I had 7 one putts on my second 18 holes. Crazy good from inside 10 feet. (Posted on 2/14/2017)
    First in UkraineReview by Alex
    Finally, I received my ER2 35” in Kiev. Was tracking his way from California to Delaware, then flight over Atlantic and route by Europe. After 13 days of waiting I have it in my hands. Superb putter. Grate filling. Really rolls even. Tested on 2,5 m. putting green in my office. 10/10!!! I couldn’t believe. Before ordering without testing, was a bit afraid that information in internet is just a part of marketing company. But it works!! Looking forward to try it on a real green in 3 weeks on Carya and National courses in Belek, Turkey during Ukrainian Winter Golf Cup 2017. Convinced, Evnroll deserved be awarded as best putter at 2017 PGA SHOW. Surprised that Tyson Lamb was chosen. Special thanks to Travis Escalera for grate organization and support with ordering. (Posted on 2/2/2017)
    Superb ControlReview by Sporty Cat
    I am a NCAA Divsion 1 College player, +2 HCP, as a relatively short person, I always cut my putters down to around 30 or 31 inches, which plays havoc with the weighting of the putter. Evnroll fitted the putter with a lightweight grip, and I would say it is the best fit I have had from any putter, previously I have used Ping, Odyssey, Scotty Cameron, but the EV 2 by far gives the best control in distance and alignment of putts, especially after using the small dots on the head which help you to align up the L-R and R-L putts. I would say it has definitely taken a shot or two off the scorecard, perhaps more importantly the putter has instilled a greater confidence in making the putts. (Posted on 2/1/2017)
    FinallyReview by JMac
    I've played golf for a long time and love information and innovation. This is finally the best putter I've used. Great feel, consistent distance contro and great roll. If you aren't using an Evnroll you're wasting two+ shots a round d. (Posted on 1/27/2017)
    Everything they say, it does! Review by Millad Salehivand
    First of all, my relationship towards putting has been fragile at best. Without a doubt it is the weakest aspect of my game. I´ve employed Scotty´s, Ody´s, Ping´s and what have you. But in all honesty nothing compares to the ER2.

    I ordered the 34" sight unseen just by watching some reviews on youtube. Being a fan of Mr Rife previously you could tell by the way he was discussing the tech behind the face that that it would be a solid product. So I placed the order. I took about a week for it to arrive to Madrid where I live and after customs released it from holding (additional two days) I finally had my hands on it!

    The first thing that sets it completely apart from most high end putters is the balanced feel it has. It´slightly on the heavier side, something that I absolutely love. I remember the first and only time I was fit for a putter two years ago, and it took the technician 30 mins to get the weighting correct on my Scotty GoLo. The ER2 felt great for me right off the bat but take a closer look at the weight per inches that they show on the website. Especially if you´re used to lighter putters.

    The finish on the club is absolutely gorgeous. It has a beautifully milled face even outside of the variable width grooves. And the two alignment dots just frame the white setup line beautifully. Making addressing the ball as easy as with any putter.

    I play of 3.8. I know for a fact that if I get my 3-putts under control I can shot consistently in the low 70's which is what I´m aiming for this coming season.
    With the way the ball rolls of the club face, the confidence it exudes and the "gearing effect" it has with the grooves, I´ve found myself longing to be on the green instead of the fairway.

    Thanks for everything guys!

    [email protected]

    (Posted on 1/25/2017)
    Quality, Tech, Balance, True roll, Great FeedbackReview by Brandon
    I'm a +1 golfer of 36 years, and I've seen and played pretty much everything. I read all of the reviews and saw the test on MyGolfSpy and thought to myself, hmmmm... I, like many others have a few Scotty's at home and in the bag, along with some Taylormade mallets that I switch back in forth with from time to time when I want some technology and balance as opposed to my Scotty's which are mostly feel and looks, but by no means make it any easier to hit the ball in the hole. I called EvnRoll to schedule an appointment, and Travis was super helpful and got me in with no problem last Thursday.

    I came down around 10 a.m. and spent the first hour with Travis on fitting me into the perfect putter for my game and stroke. After deciding on the ER2 as my best fit, Guerin Rife himself came in and spent about an hour and a half talking to me and custom building my putter to fit me to perfection. He even offered to fit my Scotty to me which was in my truck, but I turned that down out of respect to Mr, Rife and his product. Plus I knew that I wasn't going to go back to my Scotty after this fitting and finding a putter that is truly light years ahead of my Scotty in terms of rolling the ball, balance, and dispersion. I've been making more putts in the last week on the putting green than I ever have prior with other putters. The technology is real, the ball goes the same distance regardless of where you hit it on the face. I hit the center of the face more than most and Guerin gave me his special putter with the weights on the face to see how many you can hit on the center, and I was able to do it 6 out of 10 times which is the new record he said. 3 was the record prior to that. That being said, we all need help on mishits and this putter rolls the ball true and the same distance every time. AMAZING.... Go buy one, you won't regret it... (Posted on 1/18/2017)
    Replaced my Scotty Cameron!!Review by Jay
    I have used Scotty Cameron putters since 2001. No more. My EVNROLL ER2 has replaced my Scotty Cameron Newport M1. Thanks much!! (Posted on 1/13/2017)
    Dumped my scotty for this, never going backReview by JohnO
    Wow this is great! Roll is true and since I have been keeping track has decreased my putts per round by 3.5. Maybe people should be paying attention to putter tech as much as the woods...... (Posted on 1/10/2017)
    Great feel and rollReview by MikekiM
    Picked this up after testing several putters. Scheduled my appointment at their headquarters and the service was excellent. Spent about an hour with Travis testing several different models. Setting up different lie angles and lofts to dial in the putter perfectly. Very happy with the putter and it rolls so much better than anything I've used since. (Posted on 1/7/2017)
    pleasant surpriseReview by jan
    Since there is no dealer yet in The Netherlands it was a gamble when bought the putter on the internet without ever testing it. But boy am I glad I did. This is the first putter I am confident with. No more left pulls on short putts and the longer puts if not holed are now tap in two putts. The distance control on longer putts is great and the stability on short putts prevents me pulling. If you have not tried this putter you should give it a go. (Posted on 12/20/2016)
    Great feel .Review by Jimmy Bogey
    I tried it out at a local PGA store after seeing a R.Shiels YouTube video on how he loves this putter . It did not disappoint . My first 2 15' putts in store were center cup . Probably hit at least 50 balls and just about all my misses were cup high and the grouping was insane . Only one round on course with it and real good results so far .I'm not ashamed to admit I 3 putt way to many times a round but with this putter I didn't 3 putt once . I'll take it ! (Posted on 12/2/2016)
    OMGReview by Jacko
    Best feeling putter I've ever owned, I went from a Scotty to this and I haven't thought about changing !!!!
    (Posted on 11/7/2016)
    Right up there with the bigger onesReview by Rune
    Fantastic feel in this putter, reminds me of the feel from Bettinardi Queen B - which in fact can feel to soft sometimes. Amazed by the consistancy, especially from toe/heel strikes. Like the grip as well - maybe a tad to big, would love it if you could choose size when ordering. (Posted on 10/28/2016)

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    ER2 MidBlade – a shorter, wider heel and toe weighted flange blade.

    • CNC Milled in Carlsbad, California USA
    • Head Material – 303 stainless steel
    • Color – Silver satin finish
    • Swing Weight Balanced By Length – 33"@E1, 34"@E1, 35"@E4
    • Face Loft – 2 degrees from the shaft
    • Lie Angle – 70 degrees
    • Stock Grip – Custom EVNROLL non-taper 1.2
    • Length – Measured from center of leading edge to butt
    • Balance – 22 degrees toe down
    • Shaft – FST stepless, .370” tip
    • Shafting – Single bend mounted directly into the head