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ER2 MidBlade

A shorter, wider heel and toe weighted flange blade. Patented.

Conforms to the Rules of Golf

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    Customer Reviews (73)

    Rolls better than anything. Review by Ben
    I moved from a Scotty Cameron blade to this and I am just more consistent with my speed and striking which is leading to making more putts. It’s pretty incredible how advanced these putters are and it’s not a gimmick at all. There are a few tour pros who use these and I hope more starting using them for more exposure. These are incredible putters and you should give it a shot (Posted on 4/26/2020)
    Final PutterReview by Chuck
    Been trying different putters for the last 30 years. As soon as I tried the ER2 , that was it. Been sinking putts like a mad dog. This is the last putter I will buy. Selling the rest sitting in the garage. Thanks. Evnroll. (Posted on 1/30/2020)
    Truly Awesome Putter!!!!Review by glfr4life
    I bought the ER2 model month and a half ago. Previously I have never been able to hit the curvature of my putting lines that I see because of inconsistencies in ball speed off of other putters. This is the only putter I have ever used that the ball stays on my putting line. I make more putts than I ever have. Even from longer distances too 15-25 feet. I also dont hit the middle of the face either. This putter does what it claims. I have made putts where I know I have mishit the putt from 10+ feet out. I will never buy a different putter!!  You guys have me for life!!! (Posted on 11/13/2019)
    Confidence buildingReview by Dec
    Originally went into a local sports shop looking to try the ER5 Mallet.

    I've been struggling with putting for years and having recently bought a Toulon and a Spider X in search of ANY putter that would help found myself still struggling for feel and control. Before this, I've had 3 other Odyssey putters and a Scotty Cameron Newport over the years. ALL had a "hit and hope" worry with them.

    Yes, my technique is the main reason for my putting woes and flaws are present. I get that. I already identified that my strike doesn't always come out of the centre of the putter face so consistency will suffer. I read about the Evnroll grooves and how they help to keep the ball straight and consistent with distance so I thought I'd try them and I'm so glad I did.

    I tried the ER5 in the shop and didn't get on with it for distance then found myself attracted to the ER2 for some reason (its a beauty). Bingo! Putts started rolling in. I tried the other models and some other brands to be sure too but kept finding myself going back to the ER2. The only thing the store didn't have were models fitted with the Envroll Gravity Grip. I know myself that my under pressure miss is a pull so decided to risk ordering one with one of these having read and watched the MyGolfSpy reviews that I found when searching for reviews and info.

    I honestly can't believe the almost instant success of this combination. For the first time (probably ever) I can feel my putting confidence lifting. My playing partners who usually make me putt everything outside 2 feet were giving me putts by the 10th hole from 3-4ft. My transformation was that quick. The guys were asking for a shot of the putter at times too.

    Yes, I still made a few over/bad reads but turned what could have been (and were in the past) 3 putts into 2 almost immediately. It's early days but this is honestly the 1st time in my golfing life that I am looking forward to reaching the green. Yes, my old nerves are still lurking but with each holed putt they are easing.

    I'd recommend giving Evnroll a try to anyone that is struggling with confidence on the greens. (Posted on 9/16/2019)
    FantasticReview by Trumpster
    Just bought this putter. Just love it. Putts where you aim it. (Posted on 7/29/2019)
    Fantastic Putter Review by Laz-Andres Mesa
    I was looking for quite a while for the right putter. I tried out a Scotty, Ping, Taylormade etc, but I kept coming back to this one. I went to the pro shop everyday to try and retry the Evnroll ER2 and finally pulled the trigger.
    This putter dropped my handicap my 7 points. Nothing but straight shots and nice and easy rolls. Loyal customer now.
    Vienna, Austria (Posted on 7/29/2019)
    Best putter everReview by Dcraig
    I’m known as a good putter among the people with whom I play but almost everyone has noticed how many more putts I’m sinking with this ER2. I tried it on two different occasions at one of the golf superstores and then read about it on the website. After finally taking the “plunge” I’ve sold my other putters on eBay including my favorite Scotty and never looked back. I’ve probably owned 20 different putters but this one feels like it will be in the bag forever. Thank you Evnroll! (Posted on 5/28/2019)
    IncredibleReview by Hunter
    Been using Scotty’s in the bag for over 4 years and hit a hump where I was not feeling confident. Went out and bought this bad boy and it is incredible. Feels better than any Scotty blade and for me the two dots on top of the head really help with proper alignment (Posted on 5/25/2019)
    The Most Important Golf Purchase I’ve Ever MadeReview by Irish Drop
    As a person who has cycled through putters looking for “the one” I’ve finally found it. Never been a bad putter but had a tendency to get yippy inside 6-8 feet. The look from above and the distribution of weight gives me the confidence to make an aggressive stroke. This one’s in the bag to stay! (Posted on 3/20/2019)
    Great putter made even better. Review by P2in1
    I had the opportunity to get fitted at the Evnroll Headquarters in Carlsbad. I purchased an ER2 last April and it’s simply the best putter I have ever used. However after the fitting session the putter was optimized for me. They took off some loft, flattened the lie, and changed the grip. The improvements were first full round included 3 birdies and a number of putts that saved par. My index is 11.5 and I expect to save that down with the putts that I expect to make. I started with a great putter that has been made even better. (Posted on 11/11/2018)
    I'll take itReview by pardiedanser
    Arrived at my clubs 36 hole winter champs without my scotty >.< Loaned someone's er2 from the proshop and was blown away with how much better it rolls the ball, and how easy it was to control distance - close putts are still up to me to not flinch though :/

    I'm not one to waste money on clubs, and definitely prescribe to the indian not the arrow philosophy, but I couldn't deny how much better this was. Luckily the club I loaned was being sold, and I picked up an almost new er2 for half the price :) Happy to add another positive review to the list here! (Posted on 8/9/2018)
    Amazing putterReview by golfguy94
    Bought this a couple of weeks ago. I've been able to play a few rounds with it so far, and practice with it quite a bit so far. The putter just rolls the ball very well and cleanly. Center hits are so smooth sounding and rolling. I've hit a few putts on other areas just to see how it compared to the data mygolfspy found. I have to say that my results were the same, even on hits that are off center the ball still rolls well and goes a good distance as well. I highly recommend getting one these putters, rolls the ball better than the scotty cameron I used to have. (Posted on 6/2/2018)
    Can recommend the Evnroll ER2Review by HomerDave
    After playing with an Odyssey 1w for about a year I went in search of a putter that gave me better distance control and still gave me great feel. Have always played Odyssey and Ping putters over my life. Over the past year I have trialed a Ping Kushin, Scotty Cameron Squareback, and now the Evnroll ER2.

    All of these are great putters with very similar set up and design. I have always liked that wider flange blade look. Probably comes down to personal taste and what visually looks best and the type of sound and feel when hitting the ball. All of these have similar toe hang and if set up with the same length, lie and loft should putt very much the same.

    I wanted the Scotty Cameron to be the winner but after giving the ER2 a few rounds it has clearly proved to be the choice for me. I got the 33 inch, 385 gram version. Love the feel and balance of the putter, finish is great, sound and feel of the hit suits me. Honestly look better than the pictures.

    I have found my distance control has improved but can't honestly detect any gear effect that is talked about. As I said you should be able to putt with any of these top line putters and long as you get one that fits you. But I would definitely include the Evnroll ER2 in this group of the best putters out there. It was my clear choice.

    I am an 8 handicap. (Posted on 5/28/2018)
    I’m a long time Scotty Cameron collector...but the ER2 Replaced my Scotty Cameron’s in my bag!!!Review by Hillendale CC
    I am a 8 HCP and mist admit I have a putter problem. I have been a long time player and collector of Scotty Cameron putters. I have gamed just about every model Scotty makes, searching for THE one and never quite found it (Newport 2, 2.5, Napa, Del Mar, M5 Futura, Coranado, Button back, 009 and the JAT). I Happend to notice the EVNROLL in a couple bags of the pros I watch on YouTube, and watched a couple demo reviews and decided on a whim to buy one and test it for my self. WHOA! Best putter I have put in my hands...incredible feel, brilliant look and design, and the roll you get even with off center hits is absolutely noticeable. I recorded my best round at my home club the first time I put this in the bag, and it hasn’t left! If you are even slightly considering the ER2, BUY IT! You will not be disappointed, and your score will thank you! I get asked about the ER2 just about every time I’m on the course. It’s beautiful, and as soon as someone tries it, they become a believer. I’ve seen 3 more at the club since! I would definitely buy another EVNROLL, I just don’t if I’ll ever take this one out of my bag. Well done EVNROLL! Truly an elite product! Keep your eyes out on tour for these guys! (Posted on 5/12/2018)
    The STICK!Review by Marty
    Instantly inspires confidence as it sits at address. Chamfering on both heel and toe create the illusion of a toe-in, again inspiring confidence. I got the 33" model, weight is perfect. Any misses and I know it is me and not the club. I dropped 2 strokes from my HC after the first month. Highly recomended.

    Only problem... Gosh, I wonder how the other models feel... (Posted on 4/20/2018)
    ER2 is a 3 Putt Annihilator Review by @frankiesaysbhpy
    The finish and quality of this putter is absolutely superb. It looks better in person than it does in pictures. Most impressive thing about the ER2 is the distance control. Mishit putts roll out like no putter I have ever used before. You can tell when you hit the heel or toe and when that happens you instinctively think “oh darn” that’s going to be 6 feet short - but somehow the ball ends up close enough to the hole it’s hard to believe. MyGolfSpy were spot on when giving this putter the gold medal when tearing it against 22 other blade putters. If you, like me, are not close to a fitter you can call customer service and they will walk you through picking a putter that works for you and your game. (Posted on 3/2/2018)
    best I've ever puttedReview by Will
    I bought this on a whim after reading about it at Mygolfspy and I honestly didn't think it would probably make any difference but was in the mood for some new golf kit. Wow it totally change my putting I've gone from being an average to poor putter to one of the best putters amongst my friends, it's now the strongest part of my game. (Posted on 2/21/2018)
    Great putter, awful head coverReview by Station2station
    In 2017 EVNROLL modified their headcover design. Version 1 & 2. The headcovers have a built in ball marker magnet. On Version 1 it's white and on 2 it's red. Try your best to get the original version 1 in white because it actually fits the putter properly. Version 2 comes off the putter as you walk. It's too small for the putter and wiggles it's way off.

    That being said the EVNROLL putter itself is a fine instrument. (Posted on 2/12/2018)
    Best Putter in the MarketReview by Putterman
    I have been struggling with my putting for years which is many decades. I have tried just about every putter in the market. Inexpensive and expensive. I might have the largest putter collection in Northern California.
    One day while attempting to find the solution to my putting woes I stumble upon the ER 2. It not only solved my problems but have become my best friend. In almost a year it has never let me down and is always in my bag. In the past putters would come and go within 6 months of the purchase. BTW I am a single digit golfer if your wondering.
    The craftsmanship is second to none.
    My new friend and I hope to continue our relationship for many years. Thanks Evnroll for great engineering. You have saved many dollars for me.

    (Posted on 2/5/2018)
    Simply amazingReview by Threadz
    First new putter for me in 15 years, I’ve been getting my 17 year sons hand me downs, by far the best money I have ever spent on golf equipment, great feel and superior build quality, looks so amazing at address, sorry I have the ER2

    Have had this my bag for 3 weeks, bought at Edwin watts in Houston, had it cut down to 33” and since that day I have shaved 6-8 putts of my game and my confidence level with the ER2 is thru the roof

    Thank you Evnroll!!! (Posted on 1/26/2018)

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    ER2 MidBlade – a shorter, wider heel and toe weighted flange blade.

    • CNC Milled in Carlsbad, California USA
    • Head Material – 303 stainless steel
    • Color – Silver satin finish
    • Swing Weight Balanced By Length – 33"@E1, 34"@E1, 35"@E4
    • Face Loft – 2 degrees from the shaft
    • Lie Angle – 70 degrees
    • Stock Grip – Custom EVNROLL non-taper 1.2
    • Length – Measured from center of leading edge to butt
    • Balance – 22 degrees toe down
    • Shaft – FST stepless, .370” tip
    • Shafting – Single bend mounted directly into the head