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ER1 Blade

A classic heel and toe weighted flange blade. Patent Pending

Conforms to the Rules of Golf

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    Customer Reviews (21)

    Best putter I’ve ever purchased Review by Jkraw
    Putter is as advertised. Excellent feel off the face. Best speed control I’ve ever experienced with s putter on fast or slow greens. Love the two alignment dots. Stock grip is also great, perfect size between oversized and slim size grip. (Posted on 11/4/2017)
    Does what it says it willReview by Ron S
    If your looking for a heavy putter this is for you, I like a heavy putter and found this heavy
    for me, it does what it says and will roll the ball to the same spot all day even if you miss the center by a little.
    The same thing that makes the ball roll to the same spot is the same thing that’ll make you miss putts though in my opinion, if that makes sense, when you play a break with the Evnroll your going to get a very different result then your accustomed to so you’ll have to get used to that. I’m going to get rid of the grip, it’s awful for me, and give this putter a few more tries before jumping the gun and tossing it on ebay.
    This putter is good for a very select few and heavy enough to lose feel, I can’t stress enough that it’s HEAVY, I’d say 100 grams heavier than your average putter.
    I’ve tried worse if that means anything. (Posted on 10/28/2017)
    Technologically Advace PutterReview by Pgguy74
    I have been having putting problems for years and always been on a look out for anything to cure my putting inconsistency. After buying this putter I have never looked back. Shaving off at least 5-10 strokes per round. Putting used to be my Achilles heel but now it has become my strength. I wouldn't want any of my playing mates to get this putter so that I can maintain my advantage over them. Insanely phenomenal putter!!! (Posted on 9/15/2017)
    It's in the Bag.Review by Susan
    Bought this club after seeing a putter review video by Mark Crossfield. Having never of the company before, thought I'd give it a try. Put it in my bag right away. I was sinking putts within 6 ft and love the soft off the face feel. I have an arch swing. Perhaps it's the marketing for the"sweet face technology," it gave me the confidence to sink those putts. (Posted on 9/11/2017)
    This putter lives up to every technical point published by EVNROLL. I have seen a improvement of 2-3 strokes gained per round. Good feel and great dispersion (Posted on 4/22/2017)
    IncredibleReview by Mark
    Yep, my new favorite putter, tried a Scotty and Bentinardi and your ER1 was the winner, love. Well done and and wanted to give you my feedback. (Posted on 12/28/2016)
    As advertisedReview by AGC
    I have been using ER1 Blade for 2 weeks and have noticed a positive difference in roll. I was notorious for coming up short, due to what I have discovered as missing the sweet spot. The putter looks like the odyssey that I was using, so there wasn't much of an adjustment. This is one of the few times in golf where a purchase made a difference. The same guy with better results coming from a single digit player. (Posted on 12/23/2016)
    Just AwesomeReview by John
    Just want to say after 20 years I invested in a new putter - The ER1 as this was the only one I could find in a store in Melbourne Australia. WOW it is AMAZING!

    Only used it for 1 round but was 5 putts less than my previous round. 3 of those putts I clearly miss hit on the heel of the putter but they went in!!!

    Thank you so much for the design! (Posted on 12/15/2016)
    "AMAZING"Review by Fitzie25
    This putter is the best putter you will ever find. The EVNROLL TECHNOLOGY IS SO GOOD. IT MAKES ALL THE OFFHIT PUTTS DEAD ON. EVEN Though it might be a little pricy it is well worth it (Posted on 12/3/2016)
    Roll on EnvrollReview by E
    Amazing. Was messing around in the pro shop before a round and started putting with the Envroll ER1 putter. Started hitting the bull size on the putter machine and decided to take it for a test drive. 3 weeks later it's in my bag and 4-5 shots have fallen off the card. Greta feel , great distance and nothing but cha-ching from the guys paying their bets. The ball just rolls right for the hole! (Posted on 11/15/2016)
    Amazing PutterReview by Dave Chang
    This is a great putter. I've been a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 & 2.5 for about 3 years now and this kicked them out of the bag pretty immediately. My index is a 11-12 depending on the season so I need to go up and down a lot and rely on the putter to erase a lot of mistakes!

    The immediate thing I noticed on the practice green was the consistency of the length of putts - pretty much all putts go about the distance you expect them to. I even putted a few purposefully off the toe and they were right there with the center strikes.

    When I was playing it seemed that putts held "truer" longer - at least that is how I'd describe it. If you mis-read a putt, you've mis-read it, but this putter gives a great roll and as I mentioned the ball seems to "track" much better than the Scottys I was playing with.

    Very good from all distances. Gave me a lot of confidence on the 6 foot and in putts. Longer putts, say 20+ feet were very consistent for tap-ins :)

    One thing to note is that this is a heavy putter - at least heavier than the Newports. It took a bit of getting used to, but over the round I really appreciated the extra weight.

    Overall, I think this putter would improve just about anyone's putting game! (Posted on 9/23/2016)
    Amazing ConsistencyReview by Woody
    I purchased ER1 three weeks ago. The biggest difference between previous putters I've owned is the consistency in distance. I just putt better. While playing a round of golf with friends last week, one of them tried the ER1. He was so impressed he called EVNROLL and ordered the one while we were still on the course.

    Also want to mention the customer service is excellent. (thanks Travis & Mr. Rife)

    (Posted on 9/13/2016)
    ER1 putterReview by Ida Johnstone
    I have always used Scotty Cameron Putters and by chance I was in the pro shop when the rep walked in I tried the ER1 and wouldn't give it back I've never had a better balanced putter in my hands my putting stats are just getting better and better , would recommend this to everyone it's just brilliant (Posted on 9/8/2016)
    Litterally "Sweetest" putter ever!!!Review by Jonathan Stalder (Roswell, GA)
    So I was at the PGA Superstore in Roswell and I was looking for a new putter. I walk back to the putting green and I notice a gentleman with a bag full of putters that I had never seen. So, like I do with everything new and shiny, I walked over and took a look at them and rolled a few putts and I was instantly impressed. Then the gentleman, who turned out to be Mr. Rife himself, came over and started to tell me more about them. The more I learned, the more I was convinced that this was going to be my new putter. After spending 30 minutes getting fitted and having a lesson with Mr. Rife, I walked out of the store with my new ER1 and can not be happier. Thank you Mr. Rife for working with me and making an awesome new putter! Thanks!!! (Posted on 8/1/2016)
    When you use equipment as intended...Review by DocGim
    I read about EVNROLL and bought the ER1, had bent to my spec and went to play my first round. I am accustomed to 35in and choke down to counter balance my putts but I didn't like it, felt like my putter head was coming through to early. I went back, exchanged it for a 34in and put my hand higher on the grip. I went out the next day - 28 putts, 4 birdies, 4 par saves. I went to the putting green and purposely tried to miss hit this putter and my Guerin - friggin amazing! Thanks Guerin Rife and thank you Kyle Cullum! (Posted on 7/31/2016)
    No more MIS HITS!!!!!Review by Hank D
    so am at the golf store for some club re-gripping and I see this guy talking to a store rep about some putters. I walk over and grab one and start rolling some putts. IMMEDIATELY, I could tell something was different. I rolled short, medium and long putts at the store, and what I noticed was my HEAL MISS was STRAIGHT, dead on target and reached the hole. I was like WAIT A MINUTE??!!! Are you kidding me???. So I walk over to this guy and start asking him why do my misses reach the hole? Well, this guy turns out to be Guerin Rife! He starts breaking down his technology and he explained it in such a manner and confidence (not like a salesperson). Well, I wasn't even in the market for a putter and I went to my car and got my Scotty (which I NEVER thought I would give up) and traded it on the spot! I played my first round with it today, and all I can say is I made 2 birdies over 10 feet and 3 par saves 10-20 feet (1 was from off the . My lag putting was unreal, my friends were like "pick it up" I was lagging it so close and we don't give putts EVER! This putter is the REAL DEAL, and the best part is the technology works! (Posted on 7/30/2016)
    Amazing PutterReview by Chris Carroll
    Thank you very much to EvnRoll for the putter. Delighted to be putting with the new ER1 Blade.

    Always have used a blade style putter but looking down at this is beautiful, gives you confidence before you've even hit the putt. The roll off it is unbelievable, best roll I have ever seen.

    The weight and balance is amazing. Looking forward to closing the season out with this latest addition to the bag.

    Thank you to Guerin Rife and PRG. (Posted on 7/21/2016)
    Best Putter EverReview by Taylor
    Simply the best putter ever made. I have had two putters in my life, last one for 8 years, usually I don't even try other putters, but reading this technology I was curious. Honestly will never put another putter in my hand, the confidence this has given because how good it rolls and how freaking miss hits still go up next to the hole, is amazing!! I literally thinking i can make 30 footers, no stress on mis hits. Is shocking. And inside 8 feet it just rolls better. As a +2 I am pretty excited to find putter like this. US mid amateur up next! (Posted on 6/16/2016)
    The Sweetest Face in GolfReview by
    I have had the pleasure of using the ER1 for over a month now and love every stroke with it. Feels solid from top to bottom. The larger and extended grooves allow me to roll it with the same effect on center strikes as well as heel and toe strikes. The weighting is solid and keeps me on plane throughout my stroke. These putters are amazing and are here to stay. A must have!!

    Rhett Ticconi (Posted on 6/2/2016)
    Excellent!Review by Martin Chuck
    Guerin Rife has brought many excellent innovations to the putting market. The Evnroll lineup of putters are his best ever. The new "gear effect" grooves provide an amazing roll and consistent ball speed even on off center contact. I use the er1 blade. This new groove design on these beautiful putters really does create the sweetest face in golf. (Posted on 2/10/2016)

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    ER1 Blade – a classic heel and toe weighted flange blade.

    • CNC Milled in Carlsbad, California USA
    • Head Material – 303 stainless steel
    • Color – Silver satin finish
    • Shaft Lengths & Head Weights– 35"@355g, 34”@370g, 33”@370g with light weight grip to maintain proper swing balance
    • Face Loft – 2 degrees from the shaft
    • Lie Angle – 70 degrees
    • Stock Grip – Custom EVNROLL non-taper 1.2
    • Length – Measured from center of leading edge to butt
    • Balance – 25 degrees toe down
    • Shaft – FST stepless, .370” tip
    • Shafting – Single bend mounted directly into the head



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